Make social media easy for whoever is in your entry-level marketing position!

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What am I offering your business?!

I'm offering your entry level marketing position an online course (which is a training) to teach them everything they need to know about running social media accounts for a business. (how to grow organically, I have nothing in this course about paid ads!)

You'll get a consistent presence on social media for your business and will get SEEN. Even if you are hiring someone right out of college OR experiencing turnover. 

Keep reading and I'll tell you why..

Chances are, your entry level marketing candidates don’t have a ton of experience running social media accounts.

Not a problem, because you are GIVING them a social media strategy to learn, follow and implement.

This course will stay in your marketing position so anyone new coming in, can follow the teachings in this course, and keep your social media running the same.

Also to note, this course is entirely online, you go at your own pace, and you have lifetime access to it.

You are getting two huge benefits from this.

  1. You are giving this incoming marketer a huge tool in their toolbox if they don’t have experience with running social media accounts for businesses. This knowledge is something they can take with them on future endeavors.
  2. You will ensure that your social media presence stays consistent, stays the same, and keeps growing even if (when) you experience turnover.

By the end of this course,

you (or your entry level marketing employee) will know…


  • How to get started on social media

    We'll make sure your accounts are set up for success
  • What to expect

    We'll chat about what to expect in the beginning and how to maintain a consistent presence
  • How to determine and attract your audience

    You can attract the type of audience you want by how you present yourself on social media.  Not sure who you are targeting?  We'll get that figured out!
  • How to plan, create, and schedule social media posts

    The meat and potatos of this course!  I have a system for you to follow every month, that will help you come up with post ideas easily and quickly.  I'll also show you how to stay organized and schedule posts.
  • How to grow your business locally, by using social media

    I have some tricks up my sleeve for you.. Get excited because this is the fun part.

I took Stacie’s Your Biz + Social Media course and found it incredibly helpful in improving the quality of my content as well as creating an organized plan for thoughtfully posting and engaging more often. I really appreciated the content ideas and the suggested tools/platforms to create and schedule content. Most of all, I enjoyed Stacie’s fun and positive attitude and encouragement throughout her videos. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to help  create visibility for their business on social media!

Sonja M. 

As a small business owner (three to be exact), social media content creation can sometimes feel very overwhelming. I took Stacie's Your Biz + Social Media: How to Come Up with Post Ideas Course and it was very informative on how to FAST-TRACK post ideas, creation and scheduling. Her roadmap is something that I will utilize in my own content creation until I can hopefully one day pass that on to her. 😉 If you're in the market to learn more about social media content creation,  Stacie's course's are for you!

Brittany M.

What’s Inside 

Social Media Made Easy 


Module 1

Let's Strengthen Your Social Media Foundation

Confidence with your social media can be low in the beginning, we'll talk about how to combat that. We're going to get those accounts optimized and then talk about growth strategies

Module Highlights:

This Module has 3 lessons

Module 2

Let's Figure Out the "Who" and the "Why"

Do you know who you want your audience to be?  Who do you want as customers?  Did you know you can create posts specifically to attract them? Also, why do you want to be on social media for your business?  Let that lead your upcoming content creation.

Module Highlights:

2 lessons with this one!

Module 3

Let's Get your Brand Style Looking OH SO Good

This is such a fun part, I love working on brand styles!  Your branding is the very first interaction with your protentional customers - let's get you looking good!

Module Highlights:

Just 1 lesson with this module!

Module 4

Let's Plan, Create, and Schedule Your Social Media Posts

What you learn in this module, you'll be able to use over and over again - every month!  I am going to show you how to come up with post ideas easily and quickly, all specific for your business!

Module Highlights:

This module has FIVE lessons!

Plus This Bonus to Help You With Even More Post Ideas


Bonus 1

12 Month Content Calendar for Daily Posts

A post idea for every day of the year!

Use the ideas exactly how they are or use them to inspire other ideas of your own.  What is going to work best for your business?

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Not happy? 

Get your money back.

Not feeling the value towards your business growth? 

Remember, this is not a quick fix to your social media issues.  This takes time to implement but it's providing you a roadmap to move forward with confidence. 

If you are not wanting to take the steps towards your social media growth, you can get 100% refunded within one week of purchasing.

Frequently Asked Questions

This is what people have asked:

I can’t wait for you to make social media easy for your business!


Hey, I'm Stacie and I own Being Social with Stacie J.  I offer social media management for businesses and I also offer digital courses (that's why you're reading this right now) I make social media easy for businesses!

I’ve been there, I’ve been that entry level marketer who had some basic level knowledge about social media marketing but I did not have a strategy that worked.

A strategy that would help the accounts I worked on grow. A strategy that kept our social media accounts consistent even when I was busy.  A strategy that helped me come up with post ideas easily and quickly.  Basically a strategy to make my marketing life easier!

I offer all of this and more for your entry level marketing position.  I love that this course can provide them with these social media marketing tools that they can now take with them as they grow in their career. 

Social media for businesses is only getting bigger, so we need to ensure our Marketing positions are equipped!


Still thinking about it?

 Social Media Made Easy 

is PERFECT for your business if… 

  1. The person who’s running your social media is just getting started and wants to do it right
  2. You're wanting your business to get consistent and SEEN on social media
  3. Your entry level marketing person is willing to put in the work
  4. You are totally into and know the importance of social media for your business
  5. You're looking for a way to easily come up with post ideas each month
  6. You value your employees growth and want to set them up for success!

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